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John Fitzgerald Kennedy As We Remember Him

A beautifully designed book containing many wonderful photographs as well as serious text. This award-winning volume documents JFK's entire life. The interviews on which some of it was based were edited onto a recording which was then issued by CBS/Columbia Records with the book. In addition, a paperback was later issued by Atheneum and picked up by the National Democratic Committee.

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The Dechronization of Sam Magruder

A classic story discovered among the papers of George Gaylord Simpson ten years after his death. Stephen Jay Gould calls GGS the greatest vertebrate paleontologist of the twentieth century. Arthur C. Clarke said, "The more I read, the more I was impressed -- and moved." Brian Aldiss calls this novella "The best time-travel story since H.G. Wells's The Time Machine." Edited and with a memoir by daughter Joan Simpson Burns. St. Martin's Press 1996.

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The Awkward Embrace: The Creative Artist and the Institution in America

The Awkward Embrace looks at the lives of nine men who rose to positions of power within various cultural institutions. Published by Knopf in 1975, it was one of the earliest books to use oral history not as transcripts but for information integrated into text. Partially funded by the Oral History Collection at Columbia University. William Shirer called it "One of the most important books of the decade"; the Library Journal noted, "An important book." Widely reviewed.

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Dinosaur Hunt

Written by Joan Meyers, this book details an important discovery by George Whitaker, lab and field man at the American Museum of Natural History. Reviewers noted: "This thin book is both fascinating and beautiful." "The text is a luminous narrative of a real expedition to Ghost Ranch on the high New Mexico plateau, where in 1947 Whitaker found the intact skeletons of primitive little dinosaurs. The story is always concrete, specific, intimate."

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Poetry and a Libretto

Early poems