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Books: Dinosaur Hunt (w/Whitaker) (Harcourt Brace); Editor, John Fitzgerald Kennedy As We Remember Him (Atheneum) (also in paperback); The Awkward Embrace (Knopf); Poetry and a Libretto (Swallow); Editor & Writer, The Dechronization of Sam Magruder (St. Martinís) (also in paperback).

(All of these books, except that published by Swallow, have been reviewed in The New York Times. Dinosaur Hunt and John Fitzgerald Kennedy As We Remember Him won awards.)

Managing Editor of the Readersí Subscription Book Club and Partisan Review, book editor at CBS, Basic Books, Harcourt Brace. Managing Director of The Highgate Art Trust and board member of The Artists Foundation and others. Founding co-editor of the magazine "Cultural Affairs."

Participation in various conferences, lectures on oral history, courses on Word and Image at Williams College. Published poetry, short stories, reviews of non-fiction and fiction, newspaper articles, etc. Research and writing for other authors including The American Experiment by Pulitzer-Prize-winner James MacGregor Burns; editorial work for various Williams College professors. Associate Editor for four Time/Life garden books (Storey)

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