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Dinosaur Hunt

The New York Times Book Review noted that Dinosaur Hunt was a "valuable addition" to the library of any adult "who wants to refresh or extend his grasp of some province of science" as well as being invaluable for young readers who might dream of "archeology or paleontology as a possible career. Careful planning and exact writing have set before [them] an authentic picture of field work at its most trying and its most rewarding."

Scientific American noted that "The maps, photographs and loving line drawings [by Michael Insinna, co-worker with Whitaker at the American Museum of Natural History] so well complement the words that the book draws the reader into the triumph of the happy, hard-working field party. Detailed enough for the professional, the account can be read by sixth-graders. It should guide more than a few careers."

This award-winning book remained in print for many years.